Bassoon Repairs

Thorough Checkover

Inspect instrument, check that all the keys are operating correctly, check all pad seating and adjust as required,  check the operation of all springs,corks,felts and linkage materials and replace as necessary. Check the fitting of the tenons and adjust as necessary.  Give the instrument a general clean, lubricate and set to good working order.


Strip the instrument of all is parts, clean the the body inside and out, Check the toneholes are level and are free of chips and cracks, clean the keywork, clean rod screws(axles) and point screws and check for straightness and any burrs, damaged threads or screw slots – repair or replace as needed. Check post alignment and adjust as required, check fitting of keys between the posts and adjust/swedge/solder/countersink etc as needed. Check key hinge tubing and key tubing ends to ensure there are no burrs and the faces are smooth and square. Check springs are fitting correctly and are of the right length, free from kinks,damage or rust – if so replace. Check the fitting of the rod screws to the keywork and adjust as needed. Fit newly lubricated keywork. Check the cork,felt,linkage materials and replace as necessary. Remove any double action in the keywork. Check all pad seating and adjust as needed, replacing up to 5 new pads. Adjust mechanism and regulate the keywork. Set to good playing order. Test play and adjust as required.


As for a service but replacing all pads, corks including tenon corks, felts and linkage materials. Check and adjust key cup alignment so that the tone hole is centred under the key cup, check boot seal and replace if necessary.

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