Buffet S1 Alto saxophone

Just finished overhauling this beauty.  Rod screws straight, posts aligned, play taken up on the Keywork. Keycups centered, toneholes leveled. Keys fitted between their respective posts which have had the bearing surfaces faced flat. Fitted with Pisoni Premium Deluxe pads with metal domed riveted resonators using amber shellac. New linkage material – Rubco, ultrasuede and teflon.

Serial number 27575A  ( the A denoting it was made for the American market and is pitched at A=440 Hz – the non “A” marked saxes were for the european market and pitched at A=442)


These saxes have some unique mechanisms  e.g.

Tilting split low Bb to C# spatula linkage, which eases the transition from low C# to low Bb and vice versa:

IMG_2933 IMG_2940



Rollerless right hand pinky keys:



This rollerless mechanism feels great, has some adjusting screws to adjust the height/angle:



Both pinky spatulas are mounted on a block which has a cylindrical spigot. This is secured by a screw which allows the player to rotate the pinky spatula block on its mount, for optimum comfort.



It has the High F# and Alt F# levers mounted opposite the keys parallel to the bottom stack. The keys have arms which I glue ultra suede laminated with teflon for quietness and smoothness.



The crook has a slight bulge just as it joins the receiver – this is not a dent or damage but is a design method for tuning. It also has a slot removed for the High F# tone hole.




S1’s also have an adjustable right hand thumb rest, which swivels from side to side and can be lowered by using the adjusting screw:




The Side C and Bb have delrin linkages – much like the Yamaha 61:


some more pics:


IMG_2941 IMG_2942 IMG_2943  IMG_2948 IMG_2949  IMG_2936