Stowasser Tarogato Bb

rare Stowasser Hungarian Tarogato Bb

Up for sale is this rare Stowasser Bb Tarogato pictured below.

info: The fingering of the Tarogato is similar to the saxophone, and like a saxophone the tarogato breaks into the upper register an octave higher, rather than the musical twelfth of the clarinet.

The mouthpiece and reed are roughly similar to those on a clarinet,you can play on this mouthpiece using a clarinet reed.

Technically this is a Soprano Tarogato in Bb.
Most tarogatos produced are Sopranos like this, but other sizes exist.
The tone is quite like a soprano sax but with softer, warmer and more haunting tone you might expect from a wooden instrument.
History: The Stowasser Factory made tarogatos until 1946 when the Factory burnt down in the Second World War. These were and still are considered the best tarogatos made.

It has been said that Stowasser are to tarogatos as  Stradivarius are to violins.

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The one for sale is made of rosewood, around one hundred years old.

It comes with a mouthpiece, and an old case(seems to be original).
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