Fitting a floor peg/spike to a Selmer Series II Baritone Saxophone.

9th July 2015

This week I have a few interesting saxophone jobs in the workshop. Firstly a Selmer BA alto with High F# and Buffet Super Dynaction alto, both in for a Service, and lastly a Selmer SA80 Series II Low A baritone.

A good customer of mine wanted me to fit a removable floor peg/spike to his Series II Baritone. The spike had to be adjustable and be removable so that the Sax would still fit into his Jacob Winter case.

I  soldered two threaded mounts to the body of the sax, one positioned on the bell to bow collar and the other 9cm below it so it sits just above the point of the bow brace.The second assembly and mount including the spike is dry fitted to determine the correct position to solder the lower mount.  Once soldered, both mounts are cleaned up, hand polished and then any bare brass is spot lacquered.


Threaded Body Mount


Threaded Spike locking mechanism


Mounts soldered into position


Locking Mechanisms threaded onto body mounts.


Floor spike fitted.


Spike locking mechanisms unscrewed and protective threaded caps in place. Still fits in the case with no adjustments needed.



All the parts of the floor spike assembly fit in the case too

Job done!