Vintage 1955 Selmer Paris model 25 ( large bore) Bb trumpet

Selmer Paris Model 25 Large Bore SN# 16379 (.470) Bb Trumpet built in 1955. Great condition for an instrument of its age.
Selmer Paris produced horns in batches of 33, with valve numbers running consecutively 1-99. This horns valves are numbered 22, 23, and 24.
The mouthpipe reciever is stamped 25. Very easy to play at all volumes and all ranges. The valves are in good condition and operate smoothly. The slides have been cleaned and operate correctly.
There are no signs of any repairs/soldering being carried out to this instrument and the owner has had it in his possession since 1960.
Comes complete with the following accessories:
The original cream coloured crocodile skin case in fair condition.
A Harmon mute in mint condition.
Vincent Bach Corp ( no full stop) 10½ DW mouthpiece (silver plate)
Vincent Bach Corp. 3 mouthpiece (silver plate)
Conn 4 mouthpiece ( silver plate)
Rudy Muck cushion rim 13C mouthpiece (silver plate) damaged but playable.

£700 ono