Brass Instrument Repair


Brass Repair

I carry out servicing and repairs to all brass instruments including Trumpets, Cornets, Flugelhorns, Horns, French horns, Euphoniums Trombones and Tubas. Freeing seized slides and pistons, removing accessible dents, soldering, re stringing rotary valves etc. All work is undertaken by me, you can be assured that when you discuss your requirements, you are talking to the guy that will carry out the work.

All repairs are covered by guarantee.


Strip and clean the inside of instrument, clean and regulate valve pistons including checking all springs, valve guides, corks and felts, replacing as required. Rotary valves are cleaned, restrung and new bumpers fitted where necessary. Clean and lubricate all slides, valve caps and threads.


As for a service but replacing all springs, corks, felts, waterkey corks, strings and bumpers on rotary valves, remove accessible dents.

NB  The polishing of silver plated instruments carries an additional charge.

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